Looking to improve your container garden or even just get started?

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Growing flowers, plants, and vegetables in tight spaces can be challenging... how big a container do I need? What soil is best? Where can I get the best sunlight?

Not to worry! Gardeners of all types have been using containers to garden since clay pots were invented. Generations of practical knowledge can get passed on through communities like these.

Gardening with containers can be just as fun and rewarding as if you had your own 40 acres to work with!  With the help of a community of gardeners at your finger tips, it is easier than ever!

Wall of bright Potted plants and flowers

You will find these pages interesting if you like:

  • to create your own arrangements of flowers and plants
  • to make the most of small gardening spaces
  • to explore the possibilities of hydroponics
  • to grow your own food, or just...
  • to take pleasure in nurturing something to grow

container garden trellis

We are all passionate about seeing plants grow, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing things blossom, or eating  the fruits of your own labour.

We are all learning right along side you! 

Our goal is to connect fellow container gardeners with the practical knowledge, tools, tips and techniques of more experienced gardeners to help you and your plants grow to success!

Join us, and our community, as we grow our container gardens!

Here is what you can find on our site...

Hydroponic Gardening - Jump in to the world of a water-based gardening, leaving regular soil in the dust! Come and explore the world of Hydroponic Gardening and see if it flows with your type of container gardening.

All About Herbs - What better way to get started in container gardening than with the simple, easy and great tasting kitchen plants called "herbs" . Visit the Container Gardening For Herbs page now. (Sorry to all the Herberts out there - while this may be FOR you, it is not ABOUT you...you know you made that joke to your family...come on...you know you did.) 

All about plants - Under Construction

All About Vegetables - Under Construction

All About Flowers - Under Construction

All About Soil - Under Construction

Box Gardens - Under Construction

Community Garden

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